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Decor: Candia  Year:  1923.   High:  24cm.    Wide:  12.5cm    Painted by: Unknown.
Decor: Anjer     Year:  1920.    High: 23cm.    Wide: 12.5cm     Painted by: MB = Maarten Burger.

Gouda Candia decor lanternGouda Candia decor lantern markGouda Anjer decor lanternGouda Candia decor lantern mark
These lanterns have a space inside them for a wax candle. The handle allowed them to be carried around at night.

One of the characteristics of earthenware is the high degree of manual labour involved in the making process, and with that came variations in the end product. The lantern on the left is about one cm taller than the one on the right (Still the same model number), so clearly different moulds were used to make them. The old moulds were probably replaced by new ones and had a slightly different size, after all the lanterns were made approximately 3 years apart from each other.

The paper label was used to show the Model number and the decor name. On one of them the label with the number is still visible. There are really many places where to find the model number, after 1916 this was often incised into the pottery, they also painted it as part of the mark, and on top of that mentioned it on the paper label as well.

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