Gouda pottery collection


About my collection.

I have collected Gouda pottery for much of my life. But my collection only became bigger when the Internet became available. In the 1980’s I paid a near fortune to get some pieces from an antique dealer,  there was no choice by then, it was just not possible to visit antique dealers  around the world. These days it is different. And thanks to the internet my  collection has now grown and became special to me.

The majority of the pottery in my collection was made around the 1920’s.  My collection was mainly made by the Gouda PZH factory. PZH stands for Plateel fabriek Zuid Holland which is Dutch for " Earthenware  Factory in the province of Zuid Holland."  Other factories  did exist, but the PZH forms the main part of my collection.

When I left Holland in the 1980’s I had a few bits of Gouda pottery, and I tried to  get a few more before I left Holland to leave for Australia, because I realised there would  not be as much for sale over there.

So I visited the town of Gouda and looked around to see if I could find some. To my surprise that did not eventuate. I had expected some shops where I could buy some, but nothing, so I left empty handed. I then realized that this type of pottery is really quite scarce, and whatever is there,   was already those days, in the hands of collectors and children or grand children of the original owners.

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Interesting enough, it seems easier these days (and cheaper) with the internet to find some nice pieces then it was some 30 years ago.

I strongly believe that my collection is unique, and I very much like the thought to have something that cannot just be bought at any shop around the corner.
I still enjoy collecting and am not yet finished with it.

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