Gouda vase in Olympics 2018

Gouda and other Dutch Pottery

 My collection, hand painted and one of a kind.

This used to be the Gouda.id.au website.
It shows my collection of Dutch pottery, mainly Gouda and some Delft to assist others, who have similar pottery, with the identification of their items. I also like to share it because I believe that the pieces are just about unique in their existence. Gouda pottery started off as a high glazed product, but then changed to a matte glazed look. Many potteries at the time used the same production techniques; hence their pottery had many similarities. In Holland they often refer to it as earthenware (the Dutch word is “aardewerk”) it literally means made from the earth, i.e from clay. And true to its name, the colours used to paint this type of pottery also have a very earthy feel. You would normally not find very bright colors on this type of pottery. But having said that, the pieces I talk about are very colorful (just no overly bright colours), often a mixture of colours woven together into abstract patterns, or sometimes depicting real-time objects woven into fictitious patterns. Floral type designs are very common. The pieces were painted/decorated by hand, so really, no 2 pieces are the same. Also the "art" of making Gouda pottery is not dead, it still happens, but on a much smaller scale. The Gouda vase below was given on behalf of the Dutch team as a present to the mare during the 2018 winter Olympics. The vase was made by the Goedewaagen pottery. (The top of the vase is in the form of the map of the Netherlands)
Gouda Pottery collection

My website shows a variety of decors and models, (mainly of the PZH in Gouda) and also in the gallery is a closeup of the pottery marks (Stamps) underneath.

For a bit more about some of the potteries themselves, click  HERE  .

I like to think of this website as my (little) online Museum.

Quite unique, Gouda in Australia.

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