Gouda PZH pottery various items.


Most people who collect Gouda specialise after a while. The variety to choose from is so enormous that many choices can be made. Some collect vases, others collect clocks some collect just a specific decor, or a certain year, or  Ink sets, smoke ware, wall plates, birds on pottery,  etc.

Not that it is always available when you want it, but that is a different thing, some persistence is definitely required. I personally think that is part of the fun; I guess that is what it takes to create a unique collection.

The huge variety in Gouda earthenware can be explained because of the depression around World War 1 and of course that some Gouda potteries have been around for quite a long time. The PZH for instance existed from 1898 to 1964, some others started a few years earlier. Many though have a shorter lifespan.

I have made a choice to collect items from say before 1930.

Most of my collection was made around the time of world war one and the depression that followed. It seems they tried to manufacture a huge variety of things. Lamps, clocks, egg cup holders, smoke sets, carafe’s and more.

For an example of a tea service click   HERE  .

As evidenced by the number of tobacco pots on my website, they certainly tried to look after the huge number of people that smoked tobacco.  To further support the smokers they invented:

Cigarette holders;  for one with interesting markings underneath, click  HERE  ,

Cigar holders;  for en example, click   HERE .

All this provides quite an interesting opportunity for the collector.

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