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Decor: Fanny Year:  1927.   High: 7.5cm.    Wide:  12.5cm    Painted by:  CA?.
Decor: Beek Year:  1927.   High: 8cm.    Wide:  10.5cm    Painted by:  BV.

Gouda pottery cigarette holder patented mark Gouda pottery cigarette holder patented Gouda Beek match holder Gouda Beek match holder mark

The one on the left is a cigarette holder and obviously allowed for cigarettes to be placed in there, but in addition they  also provided the 2 pins in front of the container used to hold a  small carton of matches.
It is an interesting piece because it seems they patented it. At the time it was common that other potteries just copied each other’s ideas without too much repercussion; they probably hoped the patent would stop this.

The one on the right is a holder for a match box.

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