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Model 208 Decor: Laughing Jackass  Year:  1917.   High: 26cm.    Wide:  14cm    Painted by:  AL = Adrianus Lansaat.

Dutch Art pottery Gouda Jackass Dutch Art pottery Gouda Jackass mark
These type of vases were specifically made to be sold in Australia. All of these vases had the words “Dutch Art Pottery” mentioned as part of the mark.
The Kookaburra on these vases got the decor name Laughing Jackass, which is how the species was locally known in the 1800's.
This very model and decor exists in both a high glazed (like in the picture) and matte glazed version. There are no date marks, but these type of vases were advertised here in 1917. On the whole I have seen more matt glazed ones than High glazed ones. The mark is a 100% standard mark for this type of vase.
If this vase was indeed one of the ones bought in the shops in 1917, then someone paid 17.6 Shillings for it.

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