collection Gouda vases


My collection, hand painted and  one of a kind.

 The photo above shows only a small sample of what was made.

One thing that tells you that this is handwork is the number of different shapes and decors used.
It seems that there are an almost endless number of shapes and sizes (models). The size varies from a few cm (a bibelot) to 80cm and more for large floor vases.

Combine the model with the décor used and the result is an almost unique vase. In all the years that I have collected, I have not seen many duplicates. And when you think you found one, there are still differences. The mark on the bottom is another distinguishing factor.

For vases  with painting on a white background, click   HERE  .

A few well known painters include:  

Breetvelt, who signed just with Breetvelt

Jan van Schaick, who signed with JvS

Cornelis Prins, who signed with CP (Letters  inter-twined)

These are just a few of  the many signatures you will find.

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