Gouda Paijsage set

Gouda Paijsages.

Gouda pottery is quite well known and  made it all over the world.
Most of it is painted with abstract, often symmetric,  patterns.  Even when birds are painted on them they are surrounded by colorful, but fictitious patterns.

In contrast to the above, paijsages and also the tile and tableau paintings form a different category. On these there is no abstract pattern but instead a hand painted picture of outside scenery, or sometimes a scene from within a house. 

In French the word “paysage” (written like Paijsage in Dutch )  means landscape.
The vase with the cows on it seems to illustrate the meaning of this word well, the vase with the mother and
child is clearly more about a scene inside the house.

Both vases were painted by Willem Nales around 1910. The vase on the right is a fraction smaller than
the one on the left, a little more or less shrinkage in the kiln could occur with different moisture levels, or slightly different temperatures.

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Others who have painted the Paysage decors include:

JVS = Jan van Schaick.

PW = Pieter Woerlee

LM = Leen Muller

HH = Hendrik  Houdijk

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