Gouda Australian decors

Gouda PZH Australian Decors 1914 - 1920's

For many years I did not even know that Gouda pottery was made specifically for Australia. Then at one stage I found a Gouda vase with different words added to it; it had the text "Dutch Art Pottery" written on it.
I could not find any reference with regard to this in the available Gouda literature, but is was without doubt pottery from the PZH (Plateelfabriek Zuid Holland) . The little house (the Lazarus port) and other usual markings were present.
Since then I found out that 4 distinct Australian decors were made, these are:
1: The laughing Jackass decor (as shown above)
2: The Magpie decor.
3: the Lyre bird decor
4: the Waratah decor.
Of course there could be a fifth decor, but I have not found it as yet.
I know for sure that these vases were sold here in 1917 (because they were advertised at that time). Now that I have seen a variety of these vases and their marks I think that these were for sale down here in Australia for a number of years say between 1914 and into the 1920's.

In the 1917 advertisement they say that the pottery is "rich in oriental tones of colour - deep blues and browns harmoniously blended with shades of green and purple", I wonder if they talk here about mat or high glazed items; or even both. This is how it could have looked:
Gouda Dutch Art Pottery
A Kookaburra on the left and the right and a lyre bird in the middle

Most people in Australia will probably agree that the Kookaburra is one of The most well known birds down here, known for its loud laughing sound. So the design was well chosen.
On one of my first days in Australia on a camping, more than 30 years ago, I woke up when it was just getting light because of a really loud noise bouncing back from the hills all around me. I had no clue what was happening, the loudness of it was unbelievable. Well this was from a number of Kookaburra’s in the process of performing their early morning rituals. If you never heard this before, it is quite an experience.

On the back of the 2 vases on the right they painted flannel flowers, again another iconic flower around Sydney.
Gouda Dutch Art Pottery
For some reason they also added the words Dutch Art Pottery to the mark, probably to point out that experienced artistic painters were used to create this special type of Gouda pottery.
The vases exist with both High glazed and Matte glazed appearances. Sometimes the date mark and or painter initials are missing. Occasionally a date mark still shows up, and painter's initials are visible, these help to determine that these type of vases were produced for a number of years from say 1914.

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